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The Best F**king Cardistry Book For A Beginner

The Best F**king Cardistry Book For A Beginner

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It feels like the title click-baited you into reading more about this book. I know. You're not even looking to read a cardistry book. Who is? What you do know is that this book sounds a bit more interesting than others. And it probably is.  

In this 52 page electronic manifesto, Biz will tell you why you are great, why you can become even better and why everyone teaching beginner material is so wrong about their methods. 

After reading this you'll never be the same. If you don't believe me, believe these people:

"First of all i want to say it was one on the funniest reads i've ever had :DI've been interested in cardistry and magic for over 2 years now but never had the time to practice due to university. But now your book motivates me to start again and really start to grind." - Alexander Luettig

"Holy s**t it's greattt" - Joshua 

"Imagine a Cardistry veteran, one who's been through and seen it all, sitting across from you and dropping bomb after bomb of sage advice on how to progress from absolutely knowing nothing about Cardistry to becoming a pro in less time than it takes to ship a deck of playing cards to your house. That's what this book is: a paradoxically no-nonsense, yet gleefully nonsensical, crash course introducing a complete beginner to the wonderful world of Cardistry. " - Kevin Ho

"As i'm pretty beginner at cardistry i've found the book really inspiring and really like uplifting. Because life if I ask anyone about what I should learn its always the basic sybil and so on. Never have i had someone say that i should learn something more advanced from the get go, it makes more sense now when i think about it. Its a genius idea of mixing humor in to it as well as it makes me smile when i'm frustrated. Your book so far has made me look at things with Cards from another perspective!" - Duderlag

"Our community is filled with content from overly serious people (myself included). And the book is really a breath of fresh air since it breaks free from that while still remaining informative. Reading it feels like I went through a sequence of dreams where it's just my consciousness talking to me and showing me stuff. " - Daniel Lin (Lotus in Hand)

"It's really different from any other beginner resource. It kind of looks like a pep talk from an alien that's been watching the cardistry community from his spaceship and taking notes :p" - Cardistry Touch

"This book is very different from everything that has been published before with the same theme. First of all, it's not boring, I laughed many times while reading it, Biz is a true comedy master. But if there were just a lot of jokes and nothing else, it wouldn't be so special. Biz gives you some very unique pieces of advice. For example: to learn impressive advanced moves straight from the beginning instead of practicing Charlier cut and other basic moves we all know. In author's opinion it should make you progress way faster. I think it's a very interesting idea, though I'm not sure if it really works. Anyway, I would really like to talk with people who started their journey in cardistry with this approach to see if it's efficient or not. The other thing I loved in the book is that it is helpful for anyone, no matter if you are a beginner or pro. I personally haven't heard that practicing on camera may improve your performance and make the polishing period way shorter."David Tsimbal

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Frank Busta
THE book that has propelled me into Cardistry !

full of witty anecdotes and very interesting views and approaches to cardistry as an art form, love how free the reading feels , def a book I can keep coming back to

Theo T.
Great quality

I ordered the Flourish magazine and it was shipped fast! Love the content and design of this magazine, seeing something of that quality being made for the cardistry community is really inspiring. Glad to have found this website!

Reflecting on myself

Upon finishing the book, I found it really interesting that I could see myself from the very first day that I started with Cardistry in the book. The book also provides guide on different levels and very interesting concepts of filming and performing Cardistry. I would say the book is very much appealing whether you are hesitating to get your hands on some cards or you have been into Cardistry for some time so get yourself a version of this thing now. ^^
Much thanks to Biz for a wonderful insight into Cardistry.

I can do Cardistry!?

Before I started this book I couldn't do much more than the Charlier Cut. But now I can do more, much more!
I am still in beginner status but Biz has given me a guide with this book. I will always go back to this book to look something up and I will get better and better.
Thank you Biz for a perfect introduction to a truly awesome hobby. I can recommend this book to absolute beginners and also to advanced students.


Super noob to this world and I would recommend this to anyone else new looking to find a resource that is well thought out and fucking hilarious as well. Biz takes you on a loving journey you won’t forget. And the teaching level is top notch phenomenal. Don’t take my word for it. Snag this gold mine now!