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The Flourish Magazine II | XP 2024

The Flourish Magazine II | XP 2024

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"So awesome." - Chris Kenner
"The best physical item besides a deck of cards." - Yang Nguyen
"If Cardistry were dead, The Flourish is the type of endeavor we'd need to bring it back to life." - Daniel Lin

INCLUDED WITH YOUR ORDER: The Flourish Magazine + Cardistry Collectible Playing Card featuring Nathan Wu + Tutorials + Entrance to all contests and giveaways.

We continue our adventure in the world of cardistry, playing cards and skill toys in the second instalment of The Flourish magazine. The theme of this issue is : COMMUNITIES

For their first interview ever, we sit down with German sensation Somnium Cards, who are the biggest playing card brand in both Austria and Germany. Mattis and Nick from Cardistry Experience tell us about their convention and how they plan to make it the biggest card convention in the world.

In an exclusive interview with Matthew Hiebert, from well known skill toy brand AROUNDSQUARE, we learn so much super dope philosophy about creating, sustaining and cultivating a healthy and strong community around your brand.

PLUS MUCH MORE, from contests and giveaways to games, puzzles and interviews.

The First Issue Table of Contents:
1. A letter from Jaspas
2. Europe's Home For Cardistry with Mattis and Nick (CXP)
3. Magician's Corner : Yoann Fontyn (+ 2 Tutorials)
4. Inside The World Of Printing Cards w/ Charles Levin from Shuffled Ink
5. Running A Playing Card Shop w/ Jed from RunIt
6. Deep Dive | Somnium Cards w/ Matthias Berger and Hai Do
7. Cardistry Roulette w/ Kevin Ho
8. Humans of Cardistry
9. Toy Highlight: Aroundsquare w/ Matthew Hiebert
10. Designer Highlight: Stefan Eriksson
11. Game Highlight: Balatro
12. Cardist Highlight: Nathan Wu (+ 4 Tutorials)
13. Last year's winner is ...

Giveaways and Contest (must own a magazine to participate):
1. 100 custom decks from ShuffledInk
2. Anti-Puzzle from Aroundsquare
3. Goodie Bag from Aroundsquare
4. 144 decks of cards from Bizandfriends

Magazine Specifications:
Size: A4
Pages: 80
Artwork: OBIN
Tutorials: Nathan Wu and Yoann Fontyn 
Printed in Romania on high quality sustainable paper

We would also like to thank our sponsors for supporting our dream: 52 Plus Joker, XP, ORBIT, MPC, WJPC, komorebi, missing, TOMS, ShuffledInk and Runway.

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