Time is Try Treasure Hunt 


Solve the quests, earn points and claim THE GRAND PRIZE!


If you own a physical of PDF copy of Time is Try then you can participate!


WIN 12 months of future Biz and Friends Projects and more goodies !

Let the hunt begin !

WOW! A Treasure hunt?! How do I enter?

You need to have bought a copy of Time is Try: bits fo wisdom from some of the best cardists in the world.

Can I participate in this if I was a contributor and have a PDF copy?

Yes, you can!

Can I still get a copy of the book?

Yes, you can. Card Cutz still have a few copies. So go grab one while they're still available!

What is the DEADLINE?

Last day of August.

Quest 1: The page is the answer (1p)

"Three are hidden from the eye
One impostor in disguise
All together here and there
The answer lies where you stare."

Quest 2: The number is the answer (50p)

Quest 3: Lego Building (20p)

Quest 4: Math Problem (1p)

Quest 5: Wrong Name (5p)

Quest 6: By Who? (1p)

Quest 7: Did you take a photo? (10p)

Quest 8: How many hoes in the book? (1p)

Quest 9: Where is the Panda? (1p)

Quest 10: Complete the sentence (5p)

Quest 11: Heroes (5p)

Quest 12: Flip (5p)

Quest 13: Mantra (5p)

What is the point system?

Every solved quest, player, will bring you a certain amount of points which can qualify you for a part of the treasure.

Where can I find how many points each quest is worth?

Why a point system?


1 Year of Free Releases of upcoming Biz and Friends projects (with Shipping Included) - At least 6
1 Cardistry Game Pack
2 Biz and Friends Tee-Shirts
1 Signed Copy of Time Is Try Black Edition
The Best F*kn Cardistry Book For Beginners E-Book


SILVER GROUP (60p - 100p)

BRONZE GROUP (10p - 59p)

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