This marks the first collaboration between us and another playing card convention.
The Flourish Magazine appeared at CARDTOPIA 2023 as the OFFICIAL magazine of the convention.



Introducing The Flourish Magazine - the first cardistry physical magazine to bridge the world between cardists and laymen.
The magazine also comes with a collectible playing card featuring an acclaimed creator from the community.


Things We'd Ask Ourselves

Are you working on any new issues right now?
Yes! We have a new issue coming out this May at Cardistry Experience in Hamburg and another issue prepared for Cardistry-Con in Tokyo this Autumn. 
Can I collaborate with you guys?
We'd love to check out what you have in mind! Contact Biz by using the form on the website and he'll get back to you in no time :)
Do you wholesale the magazine?
Yes, we do and we have great prices for you! Contact Biz and he'll get you sorted out. We sell to both big distributors and small shops. 
I don't have any money to buy the magazine :(
No worries! Actually, I hope you got money for food and necessities, but when it comes to the magazine, there's other ways you can acquire it ^^ . We do a monthly giveaway on Instagram at @bizandfriends so make sure to tune in there!
Can I sponsor your magazine or place an ad inside it?
Every issue is sponsored by lovely card companies from around the world like Riffle Shuffle, Kings Wild Project, 52 Plus Joker and more. If you'd like to buy an ad spot in the magazine, email us!
Can I still get a copy if it's sold out?
Most likely not. Biz still has some in his private reserve, so if you email him with a REALLY banger story, he might hook you up ;)