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In this debut collection from Romania’s foremost card-star, Bizau (Biz, for short) spills ALL the secrets that have made him an internet sensation and a coveted lecture name across Europe. Fresh off his first lecture-tour, Biz presents his first studio-shot DVD that tips all his quirky card work.


Card Magic and Sleights

Half magic DVD, half documentary, all parts awesome. Join Bizau Cristian and Zach Mueller as they travel across Europe, jam and collaborate with new magician friends and learn all their best tricks along the way.

The DVD will include: 15 of Biz and Zach's best effects, moves and sleights taught in HD. A front row seat to the whole journey - the travels, the jams, the parties and more. Over 2 hours of epic journey across 5 beautiful cities in Europe.

Fontaine Cards

Documentary x Magic DvD

Sit down for a beer and chat with Biz as he goes through his repertoire of knuckle-busting card sleights and cringe as you watch him crack slightly-sexual jokes through the help of a Belarusian translator.

Belarus Magic Lecture


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