The Flourish Magazine | Launch Issue
The Flourish Magazine | Launch Issue
The Flourish Magazine | Launch Issue
The Flourish Magazine | Launch Issue
The Flourish Magazine | Launch Issue

The Flourish Magazine | Launch Issue

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INCLUDED WITH ORDER: The Flourish Magazine + Cardistry Collectible Playing Card

Introducing The Flourish Magazine - the first cardistry physical magazine to bridge the world between cardists and laymen. 

For the first issue we sat down with Huron Low from the Virts who took us on a deep dive through the history and making of the Virtuoso brand and playing cards. Find out first hand just what it took to become the biggest cardistry brand in the world from one of the co-founders. 

Learn about the history of cardistry from Kevin Ho, discover how Fontaine Cards influenced playing card designs from Pablo Frey, learn how to present cardistry to laymen from Christiaan Hau and sit down with some of the cardists you know and love to find out how they create, film and think about cards.

The Flourish Magazine comes with a cardistry collectible playing card featuring a talented cardist from inside the community. This issue features Nikita Yatsik @nikitalus , a very talented cardist from Russia. Nikita shines through his amazing creativity, managing to create unique cuts that always end up surprising you. This is why we've decided to interview him and feature tutorials for 5 of his flourishes inside of the magazine.

The First Issue Table of Contents:
1. Deck, Tech by Kevin Ho
2. Our First Cardistry Con Experience by The Cardpenter and Harapan Ong 
3. Playing Card Designs by Pablo Frey
4. Introducing Laymen to Cardistry by Christiaan Hau
5. Gatekeeping by Yang Nguyen
6. Humans of Cardistry : Romania 
7. EXCLUSIVE: Deep Dive with Huron Low: The Virts
8. Bestcardistalive with Patrick Varnavas
9. How I Create by Joe Feldpausch
10. Singing Cards with Day Mori
11. The Unfolding with Matthew Samuel
12. My Journey in Art (so far) by Michael Warneke
13. A Close Look with Huron Low
14. GAME HIGHLIGHT: Dance Of Cards
16. TOYS HIGHLIGHT: Worry Bricks
17. CARDIST HIGHLIGHT: Nikita Yatsik (+ 5 Tutorials)
18. Star Letter with Biz

Magazine Specifications:
Size: A4
Pages: 100
Printed in Romania on high quality sustainable paper

We would also like to thank our sponsors for supporting our dream: 52 Plus Joker, Kardify, King's Wild Project, Riffle Shuffle, The Cardpenter and Kevin Ho.

*ANNUAL CONTEST : Write a letter to us after reading the magazine with your thoughts and enter a contest to win 144 decks of playing cards!

The Flourish Magazine | Launch Issue
The Flourish Magazine | Launch Issue
The Flourish Magazine | Launch Issue

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
A complete journey

Reading this magazine felt just like when I first got into cardistry, diving into a river of knowledge and passion.
I cannot recommend this enough, I purely "consumed it". Even for laymen, still as interesting as it was for me. Biz is always putting the best of the best into his creations and this is no exception. It doesn't matter what skill level you posses, you can learn from this a lot, like seriously, give it a try and thank me later. Interviews were so enjoyable and I felt that sharing the same thoughts with most cardists is like having a second family. The quality of the magazine is also impeccable(paper wise, content and design), just in case you had any doubts.


This is a must buy for anyone who is interested in cardistry, magic, playing cards or even just art. It’s a beautiful magazine with captivating content that will inspire you with every turn of the page. I highly recommend to any cardist, hobbyist, artist, and human being that enjoys reading. I’d buy yours today before they run out.

Sorin Vestemean
Awesome quality

Paper quality 5/5
Content 5/5
UI/UX 5/5

Phil Hannes
Wow, just received my copy!

Just received and looking forward to read and review the whole magazine! The copy looks absolutely marvelous!

Paul Erik Fischer
The flourish / Review by Paul Fischer

Amazing contet! Everything was well designed with a huge love to details. The textsand interviews were pure inspiration and spot on. This magazine combines the love and passion for this amazing hobby. Even for me as a beginner it was an amazing read. Thank you biz and Keeper up the great work.
I wrote you a separate email just to thank you.
Also the giveaway included is sooo amazing huge!!! Good luck to everyone out there.