Time is Try: A Cardistry Book by 82 Cardists
Time is Try: A Cardistry Book by 82 Cardists
Time is Try: A Cardistry Book by 82 Cardists

Time is Try: A Cardistry Book by 82 Cardists

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82 cardists gather from all around the world in this one of a kind cardistry book to share with everyone their ideas, thoughts, inner-struggles and advice to those out there who share the same beautiful passion as them: Cardistry.

A5. Softcover. 98 pages featuring beautiful illustrations by Michael Warneke.

Only 100 printed (cause I didn't afford to print more).

People involvedAvila, Ho, Jaspas, Beckett, Connor, Patrick, Birger, Edgar, Mecalco, Apollo, Leon, Linus, Seiji, Beaudouin, CJ, Yang, Carter, Ekaterina, Masa, Giona, Robaia, Yang Chen, Duy, Salvatore, Milo, Akfol, Ferrigno, Rodlah, Ed, Itsyiin, Edward, Azlan, Tchek, Kaytlin, Tommaso, Abdul, Stefan, Luis, Levanon, Katie, Gian, Jorge, Jacob, Lance, Rafaela, Bruno, Afleur, Silas, River, Adam, Nikita, Parker, Haider, Raphael, Eliot, Lennie, Mercq, Tsimbal, Anthony, Juu, Razvan, Bear, Castro, Priano, Tolk, Matgys, Rehman, Trin, Niikuro, Nathan, Mark, EKMN, Ling, Kevin, Tashfiq, Spencer, Kelly, Dimasatria, Pinchuk and Syb.

Time is Try: A Cardistry Book by 82 Cardists

Customer Reviews

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Erik Edwards
Biz takes care!

Cute and aesthetically pleasing book. We need more things like this in the community! Most importantly tho, my book was lost in transit for a while, biz took it upon themselves to see out I got my copy. Really great to know they actually cared! :)

Aidan McShane
Thanks Biz

Awesome book, we need more in the community. And biz took great care of me when mine was lost in the post, thanks :))

Joel Zhang
Timeless and Invaluable

Something a cardist can always revisit to draw inspiration from. Worth more than gold

Christopher Phetsarath
Great read

The books was really insightful and very focused on creative process which helped allot recently in terms of making moves

Hank Yarbo

Super fun read! Tons of great insights with lighthearted illustrations to match. Applicable to anyone interested in art, not only cardistry.