3 More Alternative and AWESOME ways to play The Cardistry Game

Already bored of playing the classical versions of The Cardistry Game? Here are 5 alternative ways which you can test out to take your cardistry battle funk to another level. 

How To Learn Cardistry FASTER, DAMNIT

Hidden Techniques of the Biz GANG in order to speed up your learning process.

Basic Rules and Special Situations [The Cardistry Game]

A list of "What to do in case this happens" while playing The Cardistry Card Game.

Cardistry Moves EXPLAINED

The angry cardist speaks: "Just what the fu*k is an XCM move? And about that Spin sh*t. If I rotate a packet, does it count as a spin? And about Swing Cuts and normal arm spreads with no fancy movement - what's all THAT about? Does it count as a move?!

If you've ever asked yourself these questions, rest assure, we shall answer them over here!

16 Different Ways to Play The Cardistry Game

Bored of playing the 5 official versions of The Cardistry Game? Dive into all these versions which have been tested out by Biz and other cardists around the world!