The Magicians Playing Cards

Playing Cards. Card Game. Puzzle.

"The Magicians" Playing Cards brings together hundreds of years of magic history all in 54 beautifully illustrated playing cards. 

Here you can see a mock up of a couple of the playing cards, the back design, box and game rulebook.


Each playing card is illustrated to resemble a magic poster from the Golden Age Of Magic Posters. So if you're a magic history lover like ourselves you're sure to find Kellar, Carter The Great, Okito, Dante and many more great magicians between the facets of these cards. 

Illustrations also pay homage to famous magicians such as Ed Marlo, Berglas, The Amazing Jonathan, Hofzinser and many more by featuring them on the faces of the playing cards.

CARD GAME (A Battle Between Magicians)

Challenge your magician friends or play by yourself with the use of "The Magicians" Playing Cards. Each court card presents a magical effect known to magicians, such as "Matrix", "ACAAN", "Teleportation" or "Coin Trick" (don't worry, if you don't know what any of these are, all of them are explained in The Rulebook) which players have to execute when they are battling each other.

The Rulebook that comes together with the playing cards fashions more than just 1 gameplay! So, if you're in the mood of something more special (than the base game) then you and your friends can try one of the other 4 different game variants.

Of course, there's a catch ;)

PUZZLE (Find The Movie) 

In each playing card we've hidden clues that hint at certain magic-themed movies. Can you find out which one hides clues for The Prestige? Or The Great Buck Howard? Give the court cards a go and see how many of the 20 magic movies can you figure out!




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