The Best Definition of Sleight of Hand

"In the earliest notebook, the only spiral-bound one, I found an entry where I lamented the narrowness of the accepted definition of the term sleight-of-hand.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary: A cleverly executed trick or deception.

Cambridge Dictionary: Speed and skill of the hand when performing tricks.

Macmillan Dictionary: Clever and quick use of your hands, especially when performing a magic trick.

I was particularly annoyed by the fact that all of them emphasized trickery. To me these pathetic simplifications that focused on a limited context rather than the activity itself. I don't need to deceive someone to execute sleight-f-hand, I wrote. I was dissatisfied with the definitions that I created my own:

Sleight-of-hand refers to the practice of using fine motor skills and psychological principles to create unnatural events through seemingly natural actions.

(Amoralman by Derek Delgaudio)

I loved this passage on page 41 and 42 so much that I really wanted to share it with you guys. I believe this younger version of himself (for he is quoting himself in this section of the book) is so ON POINT. 

This has to be the best definition of sleight of hand I have ever read. Don't you guys agree?

What would your definition of sleight of hand be?

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