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Now you pull out your phone and you record yourself?

“Already???? But I haven’t even-“

Let me stop you right there. I didn’t say pull out your d*ck, I said pull out your phone. It’s not that hard.

Something about that sentence just doesn’t make me feel right...

Maybe I should take it out?

(reminder to take the sentence out or make another dick joke)

Recording yourself while practicing a move will speed the learning process TENFOLD.


You’ll be a master by yesterday.

This is my most guarded secret

not guarded at all.

It’s the way in which I have created most of my life.

Turned on the camera and said, “Well, if the camera’s on then I must have an idea, right?” Even though I didn’t have donky ass.

You do have a donkey ass though.

Turning on the camera will motivate you to give it your best. You’ll give it your best every time you delete the recording because it’s already been 3 minutes long and you haven’t deleted all the porn from your phone so you don’t have that much space. And when you give it your best the next time you’ll already have become better.

The next best thing you can do is watch your recording WITHOUT judging yourself. You watch your performance to see how you can make it look better. And take it one step at a time. If something can look better at the beginning, update that in your next performance and then move on to other improvements. But camera must be on at all times when you are practicing!

Always, for the first 2 weeks of your training.

This applies to any move any time or any training any time.

If you want to speed the learning process and become a G O D at mastering a move then record yourself every time.

Then you can make a channel where you gather everybody’s videos and show beginners that you can have fun while improving.

Next thing you know we’re putting together the 4 Hour Cardist along with Tim Ferris.

(This is an excerpt from the e-book "The Best F**king Cardistry Book For a Beginner" which can be purchased in the Shop)

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