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The angry cardist speaks: "Just what the fu*k is an XCM move? And about that Spin sh*t. If I rotate a packet, does it count as a spin? And about Swing Cuts and normal arm spreads with no fancy movement - what's all THAT about? Does it count as a move?!

If you've ever asked yourself these questions, rest assure, we shall answer them over here!


XCM: Short for "Xtreme Card Manipulation" is a branch of Cardistry that involves moves that are usually either complex / intricate, hard to perform or include some element of risk to them.

Spread: Spreads are moves where the deck is spread usually in a linear direction. Most spread moves happen on the arms.

Fans: Fans are moves that spread a deck of cards in various ways, typically in a circle. No, a spread is not a fan. Usually the fan must have a circular shape of some sort.

Aerials: Aerials are moves that involve cards or packets of cards being shot or thrown into the air.

Two Handed Cuts: Two-handed cuts or "2H cuts" are moves that are performed using both hands to grip/hold packets of cards. They often utilize one-handed cuts as a part of the move. As long as the cut begins with two hands you can then branch out into one handed movements.

Two Handed Cuts Routine: Combo moves or routines are a subset of cardistry cuts that are often chained together in longer sequences or as parts of different moves. They may not have a huge impact by themselves but have greater value in conjunction with other combo moves. Shortly, it's a sequence of two handed cuts that link with one another. You can also perform different OH Cuts one after the other in each hand.

One Handed Cut: One-handed cuts or "1H cuts" are moves that can be performed alone in one hand. Cardists will often perform one-handed cuts in each hand or use them in longer sequences/combos, which takes us to...

OH Cut Routine: A sequence of connected OH Cuts in one hand or running cuts in both hands.

ISO: Isolations are moves where a card or cards appears stationary while the hands move around it/them.

Spin: Spin moves are flourishes where a card or packet spins during the performance. This can happen in the hands or in the air. There's a lot of debate around Spins and Rotations, if they are one and the same. In The Cardistry Game a rotating packet counts as a spin.

One Card Moves: 1-card moves are moves that use one card only or the main focus of the move is on one card being manipulated.

Packet Cuts: Packet Cuts are flourishes that involve a certain amount of packets which are moved around. You can have a 2 Packet Cut (which are usually done in just one hand) and even an 11 packet cut !

Productions: Typically, productions are considered to be flourishes that produce a four of a kind, such as the four Aces. But, in The Cardistry Game, you can produce either 1 or four cards in order to make the card valid. Usually, a production of just 1 card is called a Pop.

Interlock: Interlock flourishes are moves where your fingers become locked together.

Construction: Constructions or Structures are flourishes that include a 3D shape formation.

Off-Hand: Off-Hand moves are one handed flourishes done with your non-dominant hand or two handed flourishes done from a lefty grip if you're right handed, and a righty grip if you're left handed.

Body Stuff: Body Moves are flourishes that include another part of the body besides your hands as part of them. This can be the arms, legs, head and so on.

Table Stuff: Table moves are flourishes done on the table.

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If you've noticed that we've missed something, let us know and we will complete the list. If you feel you've got a better definition for any of those moves, let us know and we'll check that out!

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