3 More Alternative and AWESOME ways to play The Cardistry Game

Already bored of playing the classical versions of The Cardistry Game? Here are 3 alternative ways which you can test out to take your cardistry battle funk to another level. 

There are 16 other alternative versions as well which you can find here!

17. Rock, Paper, Scissor (watch here)

Each cardist chooses a flourish to represent one of the symbols. The flourish chosen must also resemble in some manner the symbol.

At the same time, both flourishers start performing their chosen flourish.

Each player can look at the other player's flourish and if they realize what symbol it represents, they can switch to another flourish in order to win. The switch happens without squaring the deck or interrupting the flow of the cut.

Best out of 3 wins.


18. Attack, Block and Deflect (watch here)

This is a game played in 3 or more players.

Cards from the Cardistry Game are dealt down on the table as usual, giving each player 3 actions per turn. Alternatively, you can choose to have only 1 pile, limiting each player to 1 action per turn.

Each person can choose between 3 different actions. You can attack anybody by performing a flourish. Block an incoming attack by copying the flourish that was performed by the cardists attacking you. And you can deflect an incoming attack by performing the same move someone has when they've attacked another player (not you).

Last player at the table wins.


19. Branch (watch here)

The game begins with an original pile. Each new card can be placed on top of an existing pile or can be used to branch out an existing flourish. Meaning, if you start with a "Four Packet Cut" you can use a new card to branch that into a "Display". So during your turn you must perform a "Four Packet Cut Display" or "A Four Packet Cut" linked to a "Display".

When a flourish is failed, remove cards equal to the number of game cards present in the pile of the failed move. So, if you fail a "One Handed Cut" and there are 5 cards in that pile, you have to remove 5 x 4 = 20 cards.

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