24 Hours of Creating Magic

Honestly, this was such a turning point for me as an artist and magician. This was the first time when I tasted the defeat and conquer of a challenge. 

The challenge was to sit in one place (at the table) for 24 hours (without moving at all, not even going to the toilet... luckily, I did not have to shit, only to piss and I did have a bottle for that) and I had to create as much magic as I could.

This challenge meant a lot to me (I would discover) as it was an opportunity to prove to myself that I could do something as 'crazy' as staying awake for 24 hours and create non-stop.

Besides the fact that a lot of good ideas came out of this marathon, I discovered that I loved doing challenging projects. The more challenging the better. If it's not challenging, then why do it at all, you know? 

When faced with a challenge created by yourself you are bound to evolve and get better. Not only as a magician but as an artist/human being as well.

So, my advice for you all reading this: set yourself a 'crazy' challenge and see how you can do it. Find the time, the place, the resources and make it happen. Once you complete it, the achievement will serve as fuel for future projects (be them magic wise or not).

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